How to Punch Faster (Helpful Update)

Punching faster is possible, but you need to understand a few fundamentals before you can get the maximum effect from your training. While speed is an important factor, power is just as important. Without the proper body weight and acceleration, even the fastest punch will not hit your opponent hard. You need to move your entire body, and you need to do it all at once.

What You Can Do to Punch Faster


Shadowboxing allows a boxer to practice punches and footwork without having to engage in live sparring. The goal of this training is to develop muscle memory of movements and develop proper posture. It also works on the aerobic energy system, which is crucial to boxing. In fact, some elite boxers have VO2max values that are similar to those of elite triathletes. VO2max is the amount of blood pumped per heartbeat, and it has been shown to be a great predictor of boxing mastery.

The main idea behind shadowboxing is to improve your punch speed, but it can also help with your defense. To increase your speed, you should focus on throwing a series of combinations rather than one. You should also focus on moving your head out of the way of your opponent when striking.

Develop Arm Strength

Another important factor in improving punch speed is to develop arm strength. In shadow boxing, you can perform air punches with your arms as a warm up before hitting live opponents. Air punches help release the stiffness from your arm muscles, which can be a result of heavy-bag training.

You can use the shadowboxing technique to throw off your opponent’s timing. For example, a jab aims to stun an opponent, not to knock him out. The jab is used as a defensive move and can be used to set up a hook or 3 (kick). While shadowboxing, try to keep your body tight and weave to avoid getting hit.

Shadowboxing also develops muscle memory. This method of training is ideal for improving technique because it is not stressful, so you can work on your technique without worrying about an opponent’s reaction. Shadowboxing also develops your feints and probing punches. The probe punch tries to elicit a response from your opponent, while the feint draws the opponent’s attention. In real-time combat, the fighters are constantly shifting, and it is difficult to predict exactly what moves they will need at the time.

One of the key factors in shadowboxing is your ability to focus. It is important to be aware of every punch you throw. You should also focus on blocking your opponent’s punches. You can practice these techniques by focusing on a specific technique or combo. If you are a beginner, you can use a mirror to observe your posture and technique.

Bodyweight exercises

If you’d like to punch faster, you can try a variety of bodyweight exercises. These are simple to perform, but can be beneficial for developing your punching power. These exercises target your body rotation, which is crucial for punching with power. They also work your muscles. The best way to perform these exercises is to work in sets of three to six reps.

To increase your punching power, try squats and lunges. They’re both great for developing core strength. Performing a squat and a lunge combination will help you develop a powerful upper and lower body. Doing these exercises together will help improve your punching power and core stability. These exercises are also good for reducing your risk of lower back injury.

Punching power comes from the largest muscles in the body, so train those muscles to grow stronger. People who punch with only their arms or their legs will never get the full punching power that they can use. By increasing your arm and leg strength, you’ll be able to increase your punching power and stagger your opponent. Using a medicine ball is a great way to improve your arm strength.

The most common punches include the right cross, the powerful left hook and the jab. When punching, it’s important to turn your hips toward your opponent, raise your shoulders, and move your entire body. This will allow you to put all of your body’s weight into the punch.

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