How to Get Mark of Honor in World of Warcraft

The first thing you should know is that the Mark of Honor is not a permanent item in the game. However, you can exchange it for honor in the Faction Capitals or in Shattrath. To do this, you must log in. However, if you are unable to log in, you can still turn in your Mark of Honor to receive honor.


One way to get a Mark of Honor in Battlegrounds is to play the game regularly. However, if you’re not a big fan of the game, there’s an easier way to get it. Battlegrounds have special vendors who sell these items. You can find them in the Hillsbrad (Alterac Valley), Ashenvale (Warsong Gulch), and Arathi Highlands (Arathi Basin).

Battlegrounds also have a daily call to arms, which will reward you with a certain amount of honor. You can use this to buy items and level your character. This will help you feel like a Warlord and earn yourself some fun toys and pets. This method is the most effective way to get a Mark of Honor in Battlegrounds.

In addition, you will receive honor points when you kill enemies. These points don’t decay and you can build up to 75,000 for your character. You can use these honor points to purchase previous PvP transmogrification sets. You can also get more Honor by killing other players.


In the World of Warcraft, Arenas are the most effective way to obtain the Mark of Honor. These small-scale PvP games pit two teams of three against one another. The winner is the first team to win three rounds. Rounds last two minutes. When the game starts, players are pushed into the center of the arena. Players have to make their way out of the center before their opponents can reach them.

Players from different teams are matched in arenas according to their MMR. The MMR increases with each win, while the MMR decreases with every loss. The matchmaking system only matches players with similar ratings and skill. The MMR of the players in the queue is based on the average of the team members’ personal ratings. Therefore, if one player has a lower MMR than the other, they will be punished with loss of MMR.

To get more Marks of Honor, players should enter more Arenas and play more. They can win more arenas by completing a certain amount of games in a row. They should also try to reach the conquest cap each week. Besides, players should practice with their partners and stick to them unless things go wrong. In addition to PvP, players can also attack towers and cities. If they can dominate an Arena, they will earn a mark of honor.


If you’re looking for a way to earn more Marks, you might want to try Skirmishes. These skirmishes are separate from the regular game, but they still contribute to your clan’s tasks, honor points, and silver. You can play Skirmishes for free, and they run weekly.

Normal quests

Despite being a relatively easy in-game currency, the amount of Mark of Honor you can obtain from normal quests is minimal. While it is possible to farm this currency through PvP, the amount is small, and the activity itself is boring and tedious. Fortunately, there are other ways to obtain the mark, including by doing normal quests.

Most quests will involve killing creatures, gathering resources, or delivering objects from one place to another. They will also typically involve speaking to NPCs and visiting specific locations. There are even some quests involving the assassination of an important enemy leader. However, it is important to remember that the goal of these quests is to gain experience and leveling.

While Marks of Honor are not the same as those gained from completing battlegrounds, they can be useful for other PvP gear. They can be traded in for gold and honor. You can also turn in these items for Commendation of Service, which is a one-time use item that will grant you honor.

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