How to Draw a Football Jersey [Unleash Your Creativity]

Football jerseys are short-sleeved shirts made extra roomy so that players can wear shoulder pads underneath. They come in team colors and often display large, blocky numbers on the front, back, and sleeves. If you’re a fan of football, or simply want to learn how to draw a football player, this tutorial is for you! It features a step-by-step process for drawing one in 9 easy steps.


A football jersey is a team uniform worn by football players. They are short-sleeved and come in team colors, and they often display large blocky numbers. They are also roomy, so that football players can wear shoulder pads underneath them.

To draw a football jersey, start by drawing a rectangle, approximately 50% taller than it is wide. The top of the rectangle should be angled slightly outward. This will represent the body of the jersey and the slope of the shoulders.

Next, draw a small upside-down triangle inside the rectangle. The base of the triangle should be flush with the top side of the rectangle, in the center. This will be the hole for the neck.

You can draw a thick stripe on either side of the triangle, and you may choose to draw a number at the front of the jersey on the sleeves. A blocky number may be more appealing than a simple lettering style; however, you can still use the same number that appears on the front of the jersey if you wish.

Finally, you can draw a pair of shorts below the jersey. The shorts should have a hem that is about half as long as the length of the shirt. You can also draw a pair of shoes facing towards the right side.

The face of a football player should look like a happy and athletic person. To make the face appear more realistic, begin by sketching an oval shape for the nose and a sideways curve to put a wide smile on the football player’s face.


The sleeves of a football jersey are designed to look cool, as well as protect the player from injury. They come in team colors and often feature large numbers. These numbers are used to identify the players during games.

If you’re a fan of football, it can be fun to draw a football jersey. The first step is to draw a rectangle that is half the length of the jersey. The top of the rectangle should be angled slightly outward, to represent the body of the jersey.

Next, draw a small triangle at the base of the rectangle. The triangle should be flush with the left side of the rectangle, and should not run the full length of the rectangle.

Once the triangle is drawn, widen it at the top to represent the sleeves of the jersey. You can also draw a thick stripe at the end of each sleeve.


The collar on a football jersey is often an interesting and elegant design feature. Some are quite fancy and some have been ruined by over-the-top graphics and eye-gouging colors, but they’re always there for the team to show off.

To get started, draw a rectangular shape about 50% taller than wide, with the top angled slightly outward. You can use this as a template for the rest of the design.

Inside the rectangle, draw a small upside-down triangle (base up, point down) that will serve as the neck hole. This is the most difficult part of the entire design, but it’s worth the effort.

Next, draw a blocky number, from 1 to 99 inclusive, centered on the front of the shirt. The number should be a minimum of one-third the height of the shirt itself.

For the best effect, attach a fusible interfacing to one of the pieces (or both). It will make your creation much easier to pin and cut, while also adding some serious body.

When you’re ready to sew up your shirt, be sure to follow the instructions on your pattern piece with precision. This will ensure that your t-shirt is of the highest quality.

Lastly, you can make your shirt even more exciting by adding some funky trimming. We recommend using a colorful stripe of contrasting fabric to accentuate the design.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional designer, learning how to draw a football jersey is an excellent way to add some excitement and personality to your projects. With a little time and practice, you can create a truly impressive garment that will impress the most discerning of customers! And you can have a ball, too!


The helmet is a protective gear used by football players. It is made of a hard plastic shell with thick padding on the inside. It also includes a face mask made of one or more plastic-coated metal bars. It is used in American football and Canadian football, and can be worn by professional, college, and high school athletes.

The first step in drawing a football helmet is to draw an outline of it on your paper. This is an essential step, as it ensures that you will be able to draw the shape correctly.

After completing the outline of the helmet, it is time to start adding details. The first detail you should draw is a curved line that connects the backside of the helmet shell with the face mask mounting clip.

Next, you should draw a line that connects the upper side of the helmet to the front metal bar. You can also add more curved lines if you want to make the helmet look more detailed.

Another detail you can draw is a logo of the team the player wears. This would be a great addition to the helmet, and it could showcase the player’s favorite professional team!

If you wish, you can also draw a cartoon character that is wearing a football helmet. This would be a fun way to make your sketch more creative and exciting!

Once you have finished your drawing, you can color it in the team colors of your choice. It will be even more fun to draw this sports equipment if you choose your colors carefully.


A football player is usually dressed in a jersey that is designed to protect him from injuries. His helmet is his most important piece of gear, as it shields his head and brain from potential injury. The face mask is also crucial because it covers the eyes, nose, and mouth. The mask is often made of hardened leather or other material, and can be worn in different styles depending on the game.

To draw the face of a football player, begin by sketching a curved line at the top of the head that is similar to a half-circle. Then, draw a curved line that runs down the front of the helmet and a smaller curved line at the bottom of the helmet for the part of the helmet that covers the football player’s ear. You can use a darker color for this part of the outline to make it look more realistic.

To finish the outline of the face, you can draw two thick curved lines for the football player’s arched eyebrows and a standing oval shape with two small circles inside right underneath each eyebrow. Finally, draw four fingers on the left sleeve of the jersey to complete the player’s arms and hands.

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