How to Beat Cliff in February 2022

Cliff is an extremely difficult game to beat in the first place, but there are a few tricks you can use to beat him. The first one is to remember the starting Pokemon. Normally, Cliff starts with a Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Omastar, Crobat, or Swampert.


In the Pokemon GO game, you’ve got to beat Cliff, the leader of Team Rocket. There are three different Pokemon that you can use to do so. However, if you’re having trouble beating Cliff, you can use one of the Pokemon with the speedy charged moves. These moves can help bring down Cliff’s shield early on in the game. This is especially important now that the level cap has been increased.

To beat Cliff, you’ll need to have a team that covers a wide range of types. Shadow Grimer is always a good choice, but other types of Pokemon are also viable. The best choice is a strong Psychic type that can pull double duty in the second phase.

To beat Cliff in February, you need to know how to counter his Pokemon’s weaknesses. Omanyte is very weak against Electric, Fighting, and Ground moves, so you’ll need to make sure that you have counters to protect yourself.


If you want to beat Cliff, you have to know how to use different Pokemon types against him. The first phase of Cliff will always involve the Shadow Grimer, but the second and third phases will have a variety of squads consisting of three different types. Your ideal team should be able to cover a wide variety of types, with a strong Psychic type pulling double duty during the second phase.

For example, if you’re trying to fight a Rock-type Pokemon, then you should use an Electric Pokemon like Scyther. These Pokemon are very effective against Rock and Water-types. You can also use a Water Pokemon to deal with Marowak.

If you have a fast Pokemon that can charge, then you can use it against Cliff. This will cause him to be vulnerable to fast Pokemon, so use a fast move early on to bring down his shields.


How to beat Cliff in February 2021 will depend on what type of Pokemon you use. In general, if you’re trying to beat the Cliff, you should start with a ground-type Pokemon like Cubone. Its weaknesses include water, fire, grass, and steel. However, you can use another Pokemon to help you beat this cliff, such as an Electivire or Raikou.

To start with, you should equip your Pokemon with the right types. The first Pokemon in Cliff’s team is Aerodactyl, and the second Pokemon will typically be Gallade, Cradily, or Slowking. You can also choose to use Mamoswine or Tyranitar as your third Pokemon. Make sure you know the weaknesses of each of these Pokemon. For example, Gallade is vulnerable to Fairy and Ghost type attacks, while Mamoswine has weaknesses against Ghost and Fire types.

Another option to beat Cliff is to use a Pokemon with a fast charged move. This will allow you to bring down Cliff’s shields early. With the new level cap, this can be crucial.


When playing with Swampert, a fast attack Pokemon, you’ll want to make sure you have a good counter to its fast moveset. This Pokémon is weak to Fire, Ice, Bug, and Fairy. It’s best against Grass-type Pokemon and will allow you to capture Cliff’s shadow Bulbasaur.

Swampert can be a great option for a team that’s weak to Fighting and Grass attacks. It also has the unique trait of being weak to Electric and Rock moves. If you bring two Grass-type Pokemon to the game, you’ll have a much better chance of defeating Cliff than with Swampert alone.

When facing Cliff, you’ll want to have a Pokemon that can handle all three types he’s bringing. If you’re able to defeat his Omastar and Tyranitar, you’ll have an advantage over Cliff. Use a Pokemon with Fast Attack and Charged Attack to deal with both types.


Venusaur is a very strong Pokemon and is one of the strongest grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. However, its weaknesses are Fire, Ice, Psychic, Flying, and Ground. This makes Venusaur very vulnerable to other types. To counter Venusaur, use Grass, Water, or Fire types. In addition, Venusaur is weak to Omastar, a Flying-type Pokemon that is prone to electric attacks. Another possible counter is a Grass-type Pokemon such as Machamp, which is a pure fighting type and is also weak to Flying and Electric moves.

The best way to counter Cliff’s attack is to use two Pokemon with the same weakness. Shadow types are weak against Psychic and Fire-type Pokemon. It is best to use a Grass Pokemon against the Shadow-type Pokemon to prevent them from causing damage.

When you battle Cliff, he will send out three Pokemon, one of which is a Venusaur. If you can use both of these Pokemon, you can break the barrier between the two Pokemon and defeat him in the game. You can also get Rocket Radar from Team Rocket grunts or mysterious components. If you want to find Cliff, you can use the Pokemon GO app to find him.


A team with an expansive Pokemon type coverage is ideal for Cliff. During the first phase of the game, you always have to deal with the Shadow Grimer, so a strong Psychic type will do double duty. However, the second phase will require you to deal with the different types of Pokemon, and that’s when you will have to make a more diverse lineup.

Using Pokemon that have similar weaknesses to Cliff is another way to beat Cliff in February 2021. For example, Cliff will use Omanyte in February, and this Rock and Water type Pokemon is weak to Fighting and Electric moves. While this is an advantage for players using Electric-type Pokemon, it can also be a disadvantage when battling against Pokemon with Ground-type attacks.

Despite being a very powerful Pokemon, Cliff is also very difficult to defeat. You need to use Pokemon that have fast-charged moves to bring down his shields early. This is especially important with the new level cap.


During the first phase of Cliff’s February 2021 challenge, you’ll need to use the right Pokemon in order to overcome his unique team. Cliff’s team will consist of three Pokemon with different strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you’ll need to find counters for each of these Pokemon, so they can help you beat Cliff.

As a rule, try to use Pokemon that have the same type as Cliff, but with slightly different types of attacks. For instance, Ground-type Pokemon are better against Fighting-type Pokemon, while Electric-type Pokemon can be effective against Marowak. Also, make sure that your Pokemon have a special move for the sprite that’ll damage the Marowak, such as Excadrill.

If you’re not sure which Pokemon to use, check out Cliff’s Pokemon GO team. He has seven different Pokemon, and you can only use three at a time. Each one has a different chance of appearing in battle, and some appear more frequently than others. These include Teddiursa, Electivire, Marowak, and Omastar. Other team members include Omastar, Tyranitar, Torterra, and Swampert.


If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go and have tried to beat Cliff, you know that he can be a tough opponent. Thankfully, there are some strategies you can use to help you beat this difficult dungeon. The first step is to find the best Pokemon to use against Cliff. A strong team should consist of Fighting, Ground, and Grass Pokemon. You can also use Electric Pokemon, which are twice as powerful as Ground-type Pokemon.

To beat Cliff, you need to choose Pokemon that have strong stats against the different types he uses. Shadow Grimer is always your first target, but you can also use Venusaur, Crobat, or Machamp as your second Pokemon. For your third Pokemon, you can try a Tyranitar, Charizard, or Mamoswine. Be sure to use a variety of attacks against each type to avoid getting overpowered or overwhelmed by Cliff’s moves.

If you want to avoid Cliff using Electric-type Pokemon, you should try using Grass-type Pokemon instead. These Pokemon have high Attack and defense and will help you overcome Cliff’s attacks. However, you should be aware that you must protect your Pokemon from Fire, Ice, or Bug attacks.

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